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Fleshlight Super Specials

Getting a bargain is no a rocket science, these days, just search for online coupons, bargains and sales for the related product and you have a dozen options to choose from, generaly..

You have to be careful though, as some bargains look better than the other, but they only look so, the best offers can be the least attractive. We tend to run after some flashy thing, we love bright colors, but man, if you are about to get a fleshlight, dare you, spend some time and weight all the cons and pros for each offer or coupon, consider the free shipping on all fleshlight purchases over 100 bucks and only then push the button. I have burnt my pockets many times following my emotions and regretting it later on. You can avoid it, simply take your time and make a souber decision.


Fleshlight Specials August 2011

To your pleasure, I have gathered all the current fleshlight specials valid in September 2011.

So what do we have to save on?! Here’s the list of all available fleshlight specials.

  • Build your own fleshlight (save 10% with Buildit coupon)

  • Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit  (save 10% with STAMINA coupon)
  • Buy 2 Sleeves, Get 1 FREE OFFER  – just as the title says ;) normal price:$149.85 you save $49.95
  • Very Hot Special OfferBuy 2 Fleshlight Cases & Get 1 Half Off
  • For choice lovers: Buy 2 Cases Get 1 Half Off  (normal price: $60.00 you save $10.05)
  • Fleshlight Lover’s Delight Set (normal price $147.80 you save $12.85)
  • Superhot offer – Boost Your Fleshlight (Regular price: $17.90 you save $3.00)
  • Lube for a Year, set of 3 bottles (Regular price: $38.85 you save $8.90)
  • Fleshlub Fire & Ice Pack  (normal price $25.90 you save $7.95)
  • Fleshlube Elements Pack (normal price: $38.85 you save $13.90)
  • Fleshlight Original Pink Lady and Free Lube (Reg price: $72.90 you save $7.95)

So as promise, these are all valid fleshlight offers as per August 2011, enjoy and have a fun ride with your fleshlight!


Cheap Fleshlight Free Shipping Now

Is fleshlight cheap enough for the value it delivers? If you are asking the question, most probably you never owned one. The price to please rate is extremely low, meaning you get yourself a toy which will be satisfying you for months and even years, and I do mean SATISFYING! And what you pay for that $60-70 delivered. It’s a daylight robbery. It has to cost double of the amount if you ask me. It’s certainly worth it.

So back to the cheapness of fleshlight, and this time, I’m talking about getting a cheap fleshlight even cheaper. The latest offer from fleshlight is if you have $100 worth of fleshlight products saved in your basket you will get it shipped to your door absolutely free!

That’s what I call a cheap fleshlight!


Once more on the beauty of fleshlight

And it is, that you only pay once!

Then you can bang the life out of it for years. It’s pretty much durable and punishment resistant. The baby oil is fine to use and it doesn’t cost much to keep your fleshlight running.

Just read on realtouch forum, that it will take around $20K a year to keep the device running. Hell, that’s a lot of moolah.

Just turn on your favorite porn movie, fasten your flshlight to your favorite chair and bang it hands free as long as you wish, without worrying about paying for every single minute of usage…

Fleshlight G-Spot

Fleshlight G-Spot series for men

If you are bored with conventional sex, fleshlight has something for you again.

Male anal toys, which have a look of sophisticated sci-fi gadget. For years, anal toys are labeled “for gays” only.

But it has been disproved any times over. Straight male, experimented with anal stimulation have reported the major enhancement in sexual sensitivity and improving the quality of their potention and stamina.

Worth giving a shot if you are bored or in search of something new in life. Great gift to your friend too. Fair play to fleshlight for the quality and design.

Fleshlight Videos

Amazing fleshlight video

Fantastic girl with fantastic legs doing a fantastic job, what else do you need for a fantastic fleshlight movie?

This video has it all. She is nasty, rude and sexy, she is simply amazing. I’d love her to get the hands on me.

To say the least, he is one lucky man to receive a wank job from such a woman.

fleshlight coupon

Latest Fleshlight coupon for May 2011

No need to say how important is to have a properly working coupon code when you are up to buy something.

Here’s the real deal for you, a fleshlight coupon which is good to use for another few days. Enjoy!

Code: 5DAY
Discount: 15% off everything. expires May 11th 2011.

Do u play any music while Fleshlight?

Guys, I’d love this blog to become more interactive. The forums are certainly cool, but the threads get lost into the nowhere and some really useful information is lost forever.

The blog posts tend to live much longer though. So, I’d like to know, if you put on any music while playing with your fleshlight, or just perhaps you could share the favorite tracks for any sexual activities including the fleshlight. For example, the best music for romantic love making, the best music for an aggressive sex acts, the best track for playful love making etc..

As for my preference, I love silence and the natural sounds which come out of it, or perhaps some Reggie music for the playful acts. It could also be that I haven’t had enough of experimenting done with the music during sex.

fleshlight coupon

Fleshlight coupon deals

Gotta be the best time of the year to get a fleshlight for yourself for the first time or perhaps to enhance your collection. Can’t just recall when so many deals were available at a time. So below, I’ve gathered all working deals for you. All of them are up to date and will work for another few days. It’s hard to say for how many more. You are certainly deserve to treat yourself with brand new shiny fleshlight.

Fleshlight Videos

Amateur fleshlight video

An interesting find of mine, an amateur fleshlight video, short but quite exciting. I’d love to see the section of the amateur videos on the official fl website. To me, it looks much more exciting than those videos casted using the professional models. I know that on fleshlight forums those guys are discussing a lot how they use their fleshlights, giving some creative ideas, but you never know if it is some guy just making it up in his head or for real. The videos are much more interesting from this  point of view, particularly the amateur ones. And hard to fake it too.


Over 2M Fleshlights Sold!

Our congratulations to the fleshlight team, apparently the have sold their 2000000 fleshlight today!!! Really tempted to calculate their income for all these years, but thinking of all the possible production expenses, which I’m not aware off, I would rather not. Obviously, Steve Shubin, the creator of fleshlight is more than happy with the achievement. Well done guys!